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Tamino Minerals Inc. Reports Results of property visits in Northern Mexico – Results were Encouraging to Management

Toronto, Ontario,  December 22nd, 2021 – As we mentioned in our latest press release, due to the increasing demand and high profitability in lithium mining for the rapidly growing EV industry, Tamino Minerals or Tamino (OTC: TINO) has decided it’s in the company’s best interest to share its primary focus to also mining lithium.

It’s also important to mention a short overview of the mining projects that we acquired in northern Mexico in 2012. We plan to begin the exploration and development of these properties.   Consistent with its new business focus of maintaining our main interest on Precious Metals.

Back in 2012 the Company carried out a property visit during which 17 samples were collected from three different prospects that the company currently holds.  The prospects are located close to Newmont´s Peñoles ¨La Herradura¨ Mine in northern Mexico.

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, the Company’s CEO, said, “”We have a great deal of experience in building and managing exploration stage mining companies. Mexico´s New Federal Administration is supportive of mining, making it a very exciting industry to be in. The current administration is supportive of generating opportunities in the industry”.

Tamino Minerals, Inc. Mining Projects in Northern Sonora

The two most interesting projects in the North of Sonora are:

  1. Amalia Project
  2. Veta Verde Project

The Amalia Project is the one that is mentioned in the Mexican Federal Complaint that was presented to the ICC-International Court of Arbitration.

This project comprises a known mineralized structure at least 800 meters in length open to the south and the west and open in depth. There´s a shaft that has 30 meters in depth and the local miners claim that it still shows considerable mineralization.

Amalia Project

The geology of the Amalia Project has striking similarities with the La Colorada Mine. The values of the assay results from this property are shown below:

SAMPLE Recvd Wt. Ag Au Cu
DESCRIPTION Kg ppm ppm Ppm
AM12-1 2.59 23.1 12.5 340
AM12-2 1.99 18.4 >25.0 164
AM12-3 2.14 8.19 6.8 97.4
AM12-4 1.7 1.8 0.2 17.4
AM12-5 0.97 2.42 1.3 56.4
AM12-6 2.05 0.09 <0.2 55
AM12-7 0.98 0.11 <0.2 34.5
AM12-8 0.93 0.22 <0.2 144

Veta Verde Project

Outcrops on the Veta Verde Project suggest the possibility of a medium sized Arizona style copper porphyry at depth. The Veta Verde Structural Zone has a 20-Meter width and several hundred meters in length, with oxide copper showings. The assay results from this property are shown below:

Recvd Wt.
VV12-1 5.2 2.73     <0.2 1435
VV12-2 4.77 3.77     <0.2 4110
VV12-3 3.64 3.8    <0.2 4300
VV12-4 4.3 21.5    <0.2 4910
VV12-5 4.34 0.16    <0.2 47
VV12-6-A 5.8 6.58    <0.2 1915
VV12-6-B 4.1 19.65    <0.2 >10000
VV12-8 3.98 6.82    <0.2 5030
VV12-9 3.9 1.82    <0.2 4290

The Company believes these values might indicate the potential for a larger disseminated deposit at depth.


Gold has always been a valuable investment and as “inflation” has become an important factor to consider, we foresee a significant opportunity in 2022 as prices are projected to surge past $2,000 an ounce at the beginning of next year. As gold prices begin to trend upwards, investors will begin to flock to the haven of physical gold and mining companies producing & exploring for the ever-sought-after mineral.

On behalf of the Board,


TAMINO MINERALS INC. is exploring for high-grade gold deposits within a prolific gold producing geologic state, Sonora.

On behalf of the Board,

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO
Tamino Minerals, Inc.
For further information, please contact the Company at 1-307-212-4657 or by email at

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