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Tamino Minerals will honor Bonus Dividends

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2022 / “Tamino” or the “Company” -(OTC Markets:TINO)- March 23, 2022, today the Company announced that it will be giving a common stock dividend to all current shareholders. The stock dividend will be a number of shares equal to 6.8% of their existing holdings of the Company’s common stock as of the close of OTC Markets on April 25, 2022. Fractional Company share amounts will be rounded up to the next integer (whole number).

Those shareholders that hold a total in of 100,000 shares or more will receive a dividend that equates to 6,800 Common Shares.

The company will be contacting those shareholders to discuss further the terms and conditions of the common stock dividend.

The common stock dividend will be distributed in approximately 30 days, after the Company has completed the transition with their transfer agent from paper stock certificates to DWAC FAST and DRS and received approval from FINRA.

The Company plans to produce an additional dividend under the same guidelines of 100,000 shares or more that equates to 6,800 Common Shares on July 25, 2022 to be paid in 3 months. If a shareholder holds more than 100,000 common shares the shareholder will receive an additional dividend of 6,800 Common Shares.

Pedro Villagran Garcia, CEO of Tamino Minerals, Inc. states, “The Company is obviously experiencing explosive growth due to the notorious increase in the price of gold and the Company’s recent involvement in exploring for lithium. Exploring for green metals has been highly rewarding in the mining industry most recently. Laborious and persevering work and activities for long hours devoted by our team and allies, associates and advisors to meet shareholders expectations has been our priority.

It is also obvious that we need to add resources to our team to fully capitalize on the announced opportunities, as well as additional deals we will be announcing in the next few months and upcoming quarters.”

Mr. Villagran Garcia continues, “Equally as important, we are distinctly aware that our approximately 2,500 active and loyal shareholders stayed with us during the deal building period from 2012 to date and we appreciate that level of commitment to the Company.

This granting of additional shares to existing shareholders is designed to minimize the impact to their current stock position and reward our highly valued existing shareholders for their loyalty as we raise the funds needed to quickly recruit and add multiple highly qualified and experienced experts to our roster, especially our logistics and operations team and accounting team.

We need to start exploration of our mining projects, expand our Mexican office space, establish a fully staffed office/warehouse facility in Canada, and ramp up drilling as soon as possible to meet upcoming demand. The Company has several outstanding debts with several business persons that owe money to the company.

At this moment in time, execution is everything and we need the talented experienced personnel added to our team and onboarded into our Company’s operations as quickly as possible so that we can give our customers and our shareholders the best possible results from these opportunities.”

Therefore, completing projects on time is an indicator of efficiency, but the Mining Exploration process is subject to many variables and unpredictable factors, which result from many sources and it is necessary that a detailed assessment be conducted and calculates the loss resulted from delays on both parties in the projects with time required for the extension of projects time if the project is delayed. One of the company’s exploration projects has been delayed for more than 10 years due to inefficient governmental administrations in various jurisdictions.

Based on reliable geological data gathered by our professional geologists, the Company’s projects due require to raise further funding through equity. Based on current precious metals prices the management feels very optimistic to succeed in raising capital during the entire year of 2022.

For additional information about the stock dividend, please email the Company at

TAMINO MINERALS, INC. is exploring for Gold, Silver, Copper and Lithium, within a prolific gold producing State, Sonora. Our shift into the exploring Metals Important for Future Technologies #MIFTs has helped us diversify successfully and adapt into this modern era in the Mining Industry.

On behalf of the Board,

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO

For further information, please contact the Company at 1-307-212-4657or by email at

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